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Remote Security and Home Automation


Run your world from anywhere.

CWS Security Watch offers an affordable way to not only secure your home and property, but also enables you to remotely connect and manage your home. With remote security and home automation you can remotely arm/disarm your home security system, as well as control your home door locks, household lighting, temperature controls, and even look in on your family with our wireless video features. Stay connected with your home and family, even when you’re on the go.


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Remotely arm/disarm your security system

Ever forget to arm your home security system? No problem. You can easily arm or disarm your system remotely using a smartphone, tablet, or PC. This makes it easy to let people into your home and eliminate having spare keys floating around. You can also automate your system to send you email alerts when pre-selected events happen, such as garage door opening, a medicine cabinet or gun case opening or an alarm being turned off.


Remotely control your lights indoors or out

Working late? Do you dislike coming home to a dark house? No problem. With home automation as a part of your security system, you can turn lights on or off using your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Control your lighting from miles away or from across the room, it is all up to you.


Managing energy costs has never been easier.

Energy costs hardly ever go down! Energy management will save you money on utility bills and help your family live a greener lifestyle. Controlling your thermostat is as easy as activating your home automation system. You can adjust and monitor your thermostat from anywhere, and that makes it easy to keep the heat down (or the air conditioning up) during the day, then turn it back to a more comfortable level before you head home.


Monitor your home remotely with wireless security camera.

Use your laptop or smartphone to keep connected with your kids, pets and property with a home automation system featuring video capabilities. See what is going on in real time. Check in on your sitter, know when your kids show up after school, check on the dog or check in on an elderly parent. You do not have to wonder what is going on-you can see it using your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Secure your home remotely with door lock controls.

Did you ever have to run home and let a service person into your house? Have you ever worried about all of the extra keys floating around for your home? Does everyone in the neighborhood know the code to your garage door keypad? You can end all these problems with home automation products that let you operate locks remotely using your smartphones, tablet or PC. Let the kids in or check to make sure you remembered to lock a door, and do it all remotely with the touch of a finger.


Text/Email Alerts

Receive texts or emails when important events happen. Know when your kids walk through the door, or receive information if the alarm system has been deactivated. Be alerted to low temp, water, and CO level emergencies in your house.


Wi-Fi Doorbell

Ding-Dong. Who’s there? Ever want to know who’s at your door before opening? Now you can with our Wi-Fi Doorbell option.



I need and demand the best of equipment and service available and I have that with CWS. I have worked with their service technician for many years and he is friendly and extremely knowledgeable.
Karen, New Richmond
If you look up CabinWatch in the dictionary, the definition reads “peace of mind” or at least it should. There’s something about Polk county that seems to attract storms and power outages and with CabinWatch I’ve got the peace of mind knowing that someone is checking on my property after these things occur. I’ve saved myself a couple of special trips up just to check on my property after a storm and a power outage because CabinWatch did it for me. Had I had damage, which fortunately I hadn’t, they would have taken immediate steps to prevent or minimize further damage also. That would not have been the case had I had to drive up myself. CabinWatch is well worth the price considering my time, the cost of gas, and especially my peace of mind. I do sleep better at nights especially after watching the news showing that storm that just passed through Polk County. Thanks CabinWatch.