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Care Watch Medical Alert Systems

Medical Alert Systems

Help is just a button push away.


Helping seniors stay in their home.

We know that staying in your home and retaining independence is important to you. When the unexpected happens, we will be there. Our Care Watch medical alert systems call for help with the push of a button. If you have fallen, or are experiencing emergency symptoms, the direct push of a button will have help on the way fast. Emergency buttons located not only on unit itself, but personal pendants or bracelets available as well to provide access to help on your person if the unit is unreachable.  Transmitters are even water-resistant! Two-way voice communication from base unit provides direct voice communication from user to monitoring station personnel from anywhere in the home.  Monitoring personnel will stay on the line while help is on the way, which is very comforting to an injured or frightened senior.


  1. Just Press the Button
    The Medical Alert unit console, designed for wall mount, tabletop or bedside placement, features a large EMERGENCY button.  Press either the wearable personal transmitter or console button to receive assistance.
  2. Get Immediate Contact
    The console receives your signal and immediately and automatically places a call to the Emergency Monitoring Center.
  3. Say What You Need
    A trained professional at the Emergency Monitoring Center talks directly to you to assess the help you need, and will stay on the line until assistance arrives.
  4. Get the Help You Specify
    Depending on your situation, the Emergency Monitoring Center professional will call the designated person you specify, whether a family member, friend or neighbor, or emergency personnel.

Are you a Caregiver? Our Care Watch Medical Alert System can give you peace of mind.

As much as you would like, you may not personally be equipped to provide 24/7 care for your loved one. Care Watch Medical Alert Systems can send for help quickly with the push of a button. You can have peace of mind knowing that if your loved one experiences a fall, or has a medical emergency, they can get an alert out for local help, even if you are away. We offer the #1 selling medical alert system in the USA, the Linear Personal Emergency Response System.



I need and demand the best of equipment and service available and I have that with CWS. I have worked with their service technician for many years and he is friendly and extremely knowledgeable.
Karen, New Richmond, WI


We got my 89 year old mother a medical alert system for our own peace of mind. She’s legally blind and hard of hearing but very spunky. She often attempts to do things that she shouldn’t without asking for help. Her biggest fear at first was the monthly check-in. She was afraid she wouldn’t be able to hear them. Now she looks forward to it because they are so nice.
Sue, Illinois