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Water Sensor Alert
Environmental Protection
We’ve made protecting your home, cabin, or property simple with our easy to select packages.

Opt for Environmental Protection on your Security System and avoid a mess.

Low Temp Sensor

Frozen Pipes. It can be a reality living in the Midwest and an absolute disaster to your home. With a Low Temperature Alert System, you can catch the issue early, and save yourself thousands of dollars. We’ve added our Low Temp Alert to one of our packages because we know that winters are long and cold in this neck of the woods.


Our sensor can be set to warn you when the pipe temperature is nearing dangerous levels. This alert will be send directly to you, wherever you are, even if you are not at home. This preventative measure can avoid a big headache caused by your pipes freezing and backing up water into your home.


Water Sensor Alert

Leaking pipes. Flooded Basements. Be alerted to high water levels so you can take quick action. Our sensor is equipped  to warn you when water is present.


Be alerted even when you are not at home.
Our water alarm can be set to warn you via text or email when you have water present.


Crucial Tool for Business Owners
Monitoring for water leaks is essential to data hosting centers, hospital file and records rooms, fine art galleries and rooms or spaces storing expensive valuables, irreplaceable property or equipment considered mission critical to an operation.


Fire Prevention and CO Detection

A fire can get out of control quickly. Our security systems will send an alert directly to emergency personnel for a quicker resolution. Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless intruder that does not announced itself without a detection system present. Installing a security system means helps is on the way faster in these emergencies. Monitored wireless detectors can outperform conventional smoke detectors. You should consider them an essential part of your home security system.




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