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Who am I? I am an opportunist.  I look for the best chance with the least resistance.


I am not dumb.  This is a misconception when it comes to people in my field of work.  There are plenty of people who do what I do that are very educated.  In terms of “street smarts”, we are all educated.  Typically, I plan my activities, mapping out every detail to make sure I succeed.


I am dedicated.  I enjoy the rush and love what I do.  For that reason, I am not afraid to  put the work in so I can succeed.


I can adapt.  I realize that this is not an exact science.  For that reason, I am able to work in all weather conditions, no matter what time it is.  I am on call 24-7.


I am experienced.  I started to perfect my trade at an early age and am very good at what I do.  Thanks to trial and error, I have been able to improve my trade.  With each repetition, I get better and better.


I am selfish.  I’m sorry but my motivation behind my job is not for the greater good, instead, I do my job to benefit me and me only.  However, that can also be my downfall from time to time.  Tunnel vision can be a dangerous thing.


I work on commission.  My job doesn’t always pay that well, but given the right score, I can make a killing.  The trick is finding that perfect job.  If I can get away with it, I won’t stop until I make enough money to move on and do something else.


I won’t stop.


I have a strong network of friends.  Typically, anyone who succeeds in my line of work doesn’t work alone.  In order to execute all of the planning needed, you need resources, which means, more people.  I am attracted to people with the same motivation and work ambitions that I have.


Who am I?


I am a burglar.  As a law enforcement officer, I have seen my fair share of “professionals” who share these characteristics.  The common perception is that most thief’s/burglars are uneducated, impulse driven people who operate on a whim and prayer.  While it is true some thefts do fall under this category, the large majority of them, specifically burglaries, are planned with great detail.  Make no mistake, this is a business and at times, very  lucrative.  For some,easy money and the thrill of excitement is too much to overlook.