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24/7 Professional UL Monitoring

24 hour UL Monitoring

Sleep Soundly.

We are watching out for you around the clock.


CWS security watch’s systems are designed to protect your family and your household. With 24 hour UL security monitoring, we make sure that you feel safe around the clock.


From burglar alarms, to fire and carbon monoxide monitoring system, we stop at no end to protect your home.


Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we are providing monitoring and will notify you and emergency personnel, if needed, in the event of emergency.


Some homeowner insurance companies offer discounts for having CWS 24 hour UL security monitoring.


Our 24-hour UL monitoring station is headquartered in Austin, MN. In case of power outages or other emergency situations, they have a backup station in Abilene, TX. The trained professionals and technology at these stations are equipped to handle any type of emergency your system alerts, at any time of day or night, and they communicate closely with our office to ensure our customers get the support they need.


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24-7 Monitoring

I need and demand the best of equipment and service available and I have that with CWS. I have worked with their service technician for many years and he is friendly and extremely knowledgeable.

Karen, New Richmond, WI